Download Safari for Windows

Safari for Windows

Safari renders web pages efficiently and effectively. It works on iOS devices, Mac and PC.

Internet Explorer and Firefox competition on Windows machines: Apple's Safari browser is available for download.

The free Apple browser Safari 5.1.7 is now available to download for Windows. The freeware includes a distinct bookmark manager, a tab feature as well as integrated search. In addition the tool features a pop-up blocker, a RSS feed and autocompletion.

Version 5 of the browser comes with Safari Reader, which appears next to the URL field of the browser when Safari discovers an article on a website. As soon as you click the Reader button, shaded in grey, the text including links and photos is displayed significantly clearer - just like in an eBook. 

Safari 5.1.7 brings improved stability and speed - as well as PDF viewing within web contents. Note: during the installation you have the opportunity to install other Apple services. Pay attention to the ticked boxes during this process.

Verdict: Safari is one of the fastest browsers on the market and certainly worth a try. 


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