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Inmotion QuickStarter website builder review

Get a webpage ready in next to no time just by filling a form

Image credit: InMotion
(Image: © Image credit: InMotion)

Our Verdict

An easy, affordable service that produces an elegant webpage for your business. They’re all pretty similar, but they get the job done elegantly.


  • Very simple
  • Great results in little time
  • Easy to customise results
  • Good value


  • No dialogue or preview prior to going live
  • Additional optional extras can add up fast
  • The design layout is very similar from client to client

Aside from domain hosting, InMotion Hosting offer the traditional array of services, like website design, and as you’d expect, such facilities come at a price - and a hefty one at that: a full custom WordPress design (CMS or eCom) which includes a team (a web design coordinator, developer, and coder), can take an average of 6 to 8 weeks to deliver; the price starts at $1,500, and can often go much higher.

Obviously this is not a service aimed at people who are in the market for a more casual type of online presence. Of course, you could choose a do-it-yourself approach with a website builder service, and there are dozens to choose from - in fact, we've reviewed a large number of them - but InMotion had a another idea to entice new customers and keep existing ones.

The concept is simple: many can’t afford the high end services, and a large percentage don’t have the time to design their own site even if they know how to do it, but what if you could get a designer to create a single page for you, custom-made to suit your business, delivered to you within two business days, and all for less than a hundred dollars?

Welcome to QuickStarter

The way QuickStarter works is pretty simple. First of, you must host your domain with InMotion. As you’d expect, there are various tiers available, but WordPress Hosting (the cheapest, WP-1000s - is currently at $7.65 / month), is all you’d need to get started. Business Hosting is also compatible with QuickStarter and that package’s monthly fee ranges from $6.39 to $14.71, depending on your needs.

Once you’ve set up a hosting plan, you can activate QuickStarter.


The cheapest options grant you access to the QuickStarter programme (Image credit: InMotion) (Image credit: Image credit: InMotion)

What's on offer

Each website is created by one of InMotion’s in-house designers on WordPress using BoldGrid (a web builder plugin). It’s important to know that QuickStarter is not a managed website. Once the page is created and launched, customers will be responsible for updating it, as well as the WordPress install, and any plugins used. As its name implies, QuickStarter is just there to give you a quick start. The rest is up to you.

The process is all done online. There are no phone calls or consultation. You fill in an on-boarding form where you provide as much detail about your business as you can, including your company name, slogan, email address, what services or products you offer, and links to your social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Yelp). You can also tell them your two favourite colours. InMotion’s designer will then get to work based on that information.

4 Steps

Quickstarter's four step process will have your site up and running in no time (Image credit: InMotion) (Image credit: Image credit: InMotion)

Even though they don’t use a template per-se, the style and layout is immediately recognisable: you start with the first section which is where the business name goes, then the headline. The next section is the welcome text, followed by up to three services your business offers. Then the page ends with contact information and the footer.

When you think about it, you need a standardised method in order to provide an affordable service that quickly.

However, there’s enough versatility there for the designer to get creative: they get to choose the font and styles, and the stock photos that will populate your page, which they think will match your service best. If you want to use your own photos and logo, you’ll have to add them yourself once they finish their work.

Our site

While InMotion has plenty of examples of sites designed using QuickStarter on its page, this is one we made ourselves (Image credit: TechRadar) (Image credit: Image credit: InMotion)

What's not covered

QuickStarter’s service does not include a consultation. The online form is all the designers will use to create your page. Updates aren’t included in the $99. They will of course fix any typos, wrong numbers or broken links if you noticed any such errors once they complete your page.

There isn’t a review process, which is why it’s crucial that the information you provide during the on-boarding process is as accurate and error-free as possible, unless you don’t mind amending it yourself later on.

Oh, and the service is non-refundable.

Once the site is finalised, it’s live and InMotion send you an email informing you of such. You then have full access to it.

White gloves

QuickStarter allows you to customize your page to your liking (Image credit: InMotion) (Image credit: Image credit: InMotion)

DIY, support and white gloves

You’re obviously free to customise your page if you like, and InMotion’s launch email even includes a link to help you understand how you can alter the page to suit your needs better. You can for instance replace the stock images for ones more suited to your service, like actual photos of your team, or your offices, for instance. You can insert your logo and make any other alterations you might like.

The WordPress layout they offer you is simple enough for those with even basic understanding of webpage design to make minor modifications to. If you’re experiencing difficulties, InMotion have a 24/7 support staff available by phone, chat or email.

But if you do not have the patience or the time for this, you can pay to get InMotion to do all the customisation for you. This is their “White Glove” service which is billed per hour, and will set you back $149 for each of the first three hours. Any time beyond that is charged at $75 per hour.

There is an add-on which you might value should you have more information that would fit comfortably on a single page: you can add two additional pages built in the similar way as the first, for $99 each. Three pages ($297) is the maximum allowed with the QuickStarter service.

However you choose to finalise your page, it is yours to keep, and if you decide to move to a different host in the future, you’ll be able to take your design with you.

Final verdict

Using the service was exactly as we were expecting. Having given them all the information they required in the initial form, our sample site went live less than two working days later. 

The page is designed to look great no matter which device you view it from, be it a computer, tablet or phone.

If you’re familiar with WordPress, customising what you paid for is very straightforward. The advantage here though, is that it’s all done for you, leaving you to focus on your business, and letting your site bring in the customers.