Foxconn Winfast N570S

Affordable Nvidia-based AM2 frolicks

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Our Verdict

Has its weaknesses but offers plenty of overclocking headroom


  • Good value

    Good overclocking potential


  • Narrow range of BIOS voltage adjustments

If it's value you seek from an Athlon motherboard, you can do an awful lot worse than Winfast's Nvidia 570-powered offering.

Each one of the six SATA hard drive ports is RAID enabled, there's a pair of gigabit LAN ports and it benefits from many of the premium-priced 590 chipset's key features, including EPP memory support and LinkBoost technology.

It's also an SLI-compliant motherboard, if anyone's still using that, and it proved a fairly capable platform for CPU overclocking, achieving a 290MHz CPU bus speed.

That represents a frequency boost of nearly 50%, despite the weedy active chipset cooler. That should do the trick for all but the most kamikaze overclocking enthusiasts.

We only wish a wider range of BIOS voltage adjustments was on offer.