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SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 2GB review

The Arnie of flash drives

Tough, practical and able to turn some good speeds, this is an ace drive

Our Verdict

It performs superbly and is as tough as old boots, the price isn't too bad either


  • Fast and tough


  • A few niggles with Vista

The Cruzer Titanium has clearly been built with toughness in mind. How tough? Well it's able to withstand almost a ton bearing down on it (if that's not tough enough for you, we're not sure what is), although you'd never guess so from its stylish titanium-and-chrome effect finish.

Good looks and practicality are enhanced by a retractable USB connector and an internal blue lamp, which illuminates while the drive is going about its business.

The Cruzer has a good turn of speed, officially 9MB per second write and 15MB per second read. Our review sample slightly exceeded those claims for large file transfer although, like all drives, it slowed considerably for thousands of small files, to about 1/70th of the speed.

U3 encryption and password protection are there if you want them and worked flawlessly on our Windows XP installation but wouldn't install with Windows Vista. Either way, you can reformat the Cruzer and use it as a straightforward flash drive if you prefer. A 1GB version is available for the cheaper price of around £18, while the 4GB option costs £55.