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Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler review

Lower temperatures with less noise

Cools things down to speed up your system.

Our Verdict

Creates less noise and reaches low temperatures than other cooling mechanisms


  • Lower temperatures than with stock cooling

    Detailed installation instructions

    Big drop in noise output


  • Airflow obstruction

    Case not cooled as much as CPU

The Freezone CPU cooler combines the best things about other cooling mechanisms, while producing as little noise as possible. The combination of a peltier, liquid pipes and an active 120mm fan to cool the massive heatsink, reduced our CPU well below what was achievable with stock cooling.

Coolit has sensibly included detailed installation instructions, both in the manual and on its installation video on its website. This is was very handy when fitting a complex system such as this, although we found it wasn't much more difficult to fit than traditional heatsink and fan combinations.

Because the system replaces both chassis exhaust fan and CPU fan, we noticed a big drop in noise output. The downside of this kind of system though is the large block that holds the heatsink to the rear of the chassis. This proved to be an obstruction to airflow, so the case temperature didn't drop as dramatically as CPU temperature.