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Enermax Jazz review

A stylish case for your hard drive

The Enermax Jazz is a quality enclosure at a decent price

Our Verdict

A well-featured and well-made case for the money


  • Stylish and slick
  • Easy to fit
  • Fair price


  • Only supports up to 250GB

Okay, as far as PC components go the hard drive enclosure is hardly the sexiest piece of kit around.

But as far as they do go, the Enermax Jazz is definitely one of the slickest.

Easy to fit

This mini version is designed to accommodate a 2.5-inch drive and as long as it's under the 250GB mark you can power it with just a single USB connector.

There's no fiddly fitting, and the only screws you need to worry about are those keeping the enclosure together.

Fitting the HD inside is a doddle - it's simply a case of slotting it into the waiting SATA connections and pressing it into its housing where it rests securely without the need for more screwdriver action.


The key feature of the Jazz though is the design of the externals. The entire top and front of the case is black mesh, allowing for easy airflow in and around the hot-headed drive unit.

Even with the drive plugged in all day the case barely gets any hotter, letting the drive itself cool off in turn. This is a quality caddy at a decent price.