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CoolerMaster HAF X case review

CoolerMaster tries to make the dream cooling PC case

Cooler Master HAF X
The Cooler Master HAF is about fans, and little else

Our Verdict

Better airflow than a wind tunnel, but over-fussy design shatters the dream-build.


  • Redonkulous cooling
  • Feature-laden
  • Gotham City visuals


  • Some design elements get in the way

The clue's in the title really. CoolerMaster likes to keep things cool, and the CoolerMaster HAF X (the HAF stands for high air flow) is the coolest of cooling cases.

This is a case you could store fresh fish in on a hot day. Only, please don't.

The HAF X is rammed with fans. There's scarcely an inch in the outer casing that isn't simply mesh hiding a fan behind it, and although the HAF X is actually very expansive, compared with Corsair's 700D the intensity of its visual design makes it seem quite compact.

CoolerMaster has made the HAF X for serious PC enthusiasts looking to build extremely powerful and thus extremely hot systems.

The design of the HAF X is almost entirely geared towards cooling, but CoolerMaster has made sure not to neglect aspects like build quality and functionality.