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Antec P190 review

Make light work of PC building with this awesome chassis

Zen's attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Our Verdict

An awesome and well-designed PC chassis, but at a price


  • Sectioned-off design

    Impressive power supply units


  • Big and heavy


Building a PC is not something to be undertaken lightly. You'll end up swearing at inanimate objects, invariably get cut to shreds and probably end up wanting to smash the thing to bits. Which makes it all the more surprising that building a system inside this impressive monolith is such a calming experience.

Without getting all Zen, the attention to detail and wonderful sectioned-off design instills a feeling that you're building something beyond the norm. You want to do everything right. You want to use the space well, route your cables properly and generally make a kick-ass system.

We've never felt like this when building a PC - which is why we cleansed our souls by fragging ourselves senseless the moment we'd finished. It didn't stop us being all serene and smiley, mind you.

There are downsides: it's massive, and heavy as well. Then there's that gulp-inducing price, which is only justifiable if you spend a fortune on components.

That said, it does come with a pair of impressive power supplies, offering up 1200W of raw juice. So at least that's close to £200 you don't have to fork out and it is a really awesome chassis.