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Antec P182 SE review

Mirror, mirror on the floor...

The P182 is basically an update of the popular P180 case

Our Verdict

A thorougly beautiful chassis, solidly made and immensely functional. Polishing it will soon become a labour of love


  • Internal snake-torch!




  • No quick-release bays

This special edition chassis is big and, if you've got a Narcissus complex, it's utterly beautiful. Even if you haven't, the polished Japanese steel enclosure is thoroughly pleasing to the eye. The microfibre cloth that Antec has bundled with the chassis should help it stay that way, ridding you of the inevitable greasy fingerprints that always blight the mirrored look.

The P182 is basically an update of the popular P180 case with a few extras such as the external fan control on the back panel and the integrated watercooling rubberised outlets so you don't have to start drilling your lovely new chassis if you want to get your CPU wet.

There's another feature that actually made me very excited, which is probably the first time a case has made me feel that way: the internal snake-light. It's so gobsmackingly simple, you wonder why no-one has put one in before. It runs off a pass-through molex connector, so it doesn't steal any cabling. It also means you can work on your PC's insides without a maglite clenched in your teeth.

The rest of the case is beautifully made, as you'd expect from Antec, and is fantastically ventilated. There are washable air filters sitting on the front and numerous fans dotted throughout.

The fact that the power supply is situated down at the bottom of the chassis, and the provision of extra drive bays down there, mean that the area surrounding the motherboard can be spartan enough to allow for decent air circulation in all conditions - even with a G80 and a Core 2 Quad hooked up and snorting away in there.

The mirror-finish is a like a showcase for fingerprints, which can make you a little reluctant to touch it, but all in all, it's a piece of cold, burnished beauty.