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BenQ FP91V review

A fast response time and glossy screen make this BenQ a joy

Our Verdict

A wonderful clear display and excellent response time mean the higher price point is justified


  • Stunning clarity and sharpness

    Excellent pixel response

    So close to the Sony also on test


  • Cheaper 19-inch displays on the market

    Creates distracting reflections

    Colour vibrancy/accuracy not the best

A year or two ago, BenQ was renowned as a manufacturer of blandlooking but worthy kit. These days, it rivals Sony as a purveyor of desirable products. So, it's no surprise the FP91V has much in common with Sony's SDM-HS95P.

It's a 19-inch display with DVI and VGA video inputs and, like the Sony, has a glossy finish. This effect has been put to good use by Sony and is applied here in equally desirable fashion.

BenQ has ensured this screen is suitable for playing games and DVDs by including a technology called Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA). It has been designed to reduce ghosting for high quality, constantly moving content such as games.

Because of the glossy coating we wouldn't recommend this monitor if you're prone to migraines or want to use it in a brightly lit office; glossy-effect screens just aren't meant for constant use. But for home multimedia use, the clarity, sharpness and all-round visual clout is almost heroic. It boasts bags of contrast with deep and inky blacks, plus decent viewing angles and pixel response performance that does full justice to its 6ms rating - tremendous at this price point.

Games and high-definition video look spectacular. Colour reproduction is a bit washedout, though, and it lacks the richness and vibrancy achieved by the Sony and Dell units.

Yes, there are cheaper 19-inch LCDs on the market, but none that match this one's multimedia credentials. Well, except for perhaps the AG Neovo. Our only significant reservation is one that applies to every 19-inch monitor: this is a relatively large display and we'd prefer a higher native resolution than the 1,280x1,024 offered here. Still, BenQ has come up with a display that you'd be proud to splash your cash upon.