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Mitsubishi 65in TV to sell for $7k

This 65-inch Mitsubishi will come with a £3.5k price tag and a side order of laserbeams

Mitsubishi has announced that its new 65in LaserVue rear-projection TV looks like it will sell for around $7,000 (c£3.5k).

The company made the announcement at this year's CEDIA, taking place in the US at the moment.

The cost equates roughly with that of a high-end HDTV of similar specification. No details have emerged yet on how much its 73in big brother will go for.


The LaserVue is around 10in deep – portly for a modern TV, but waif-like compared to its CRT ancestors. Its green credential are excellent with the promise of minimal power consumption in comparison with LCDs and plasmas.

We look forward to being mesmerised within its mooted three dimensions. The TVs are expected to ship later this month.