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Polaroid launches mini digital TV in Japan

Not a camera, but a pocketable digital TV from Polaroid.

Here's something you don't see every day - a Polaroid -branded pocket terrestrial digital television and DVD player. The new model goes on sale for ¥35,000 (£151) later this week but will remain confined to Japanese shores because of its 1-seg tuner that is native to that country.

The venerable old instant-photograph specialist sells a similar 8-inch DVD player outside Japan but that lacks the digital tuner, which brings free-to-air broadcasts and electronic programme guides to the mix.

Multipurpose player

Currently bereft of a decent name and even a web page of its own, the DPJ-08529A/B has an 8.5-inch screen and weighs 1.2kg. There are slots for SD and Memory Stick flash cards and JPEG photos and DivX MPEG-4 videos can also be read from a USB drive.

With a decent battery life of three hours for DVD viewing and five hours for digital TV, the only weak point appears to be a moderate screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.