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Chromecast looks set to go global as app begins venturing around the world

Chromecast rolls out around the world, suggests UK will get it alongside Nexus
TV on a stick? Hell yes

If you live outside the US but have managed to get your hands on a Chromecast dongle, we're hitting you with some good news today.

Android Central reports that the Android and iOS app is now available for international users to download from Google Play, and we've confirmed that the UK is one of the included countries so far.

Right now the Chromecast device is still unavailable to buy on the UK Google Play Store so you'll have to have imported one from the States to get in on the action.


The Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat are believed to be just around the corner, and it seems likely we might be getting a global Chromecast launch alongside them.

Although Google hasn't made it available, Amazon was shipping the Chromecast outside of the US for a period of time but then suspended the service.

So right now it looks like an announcement is imminent. Alongside the Nexus 5. And KitKat. Oh, and that Google smartwatch. Blimey, this could be a busy month at the Googleplex.