Studio behind Pokemon Go says it’s not currently working on a wearable device


Though Niantic Labs is dangerously close to not getting Pokémon Go onto the Apple Watch before the year is out, the studio behind the wildly popular mobile game has taken the time to clarify it's not currently working on a wearable of its own.

“Niantic is not actually working on a wearable device at this point in time,” a Niantic representative told TechRadar in an email. “News on Pokemon Go on Apple Watch coming soon.”

This comes after a report from 9to5Mac, citing sources familiar with the situation, said Niantic plans to announce its own smart band next month, a move that resulted in Pokémon Go for Apple Watch taking a back seat as to not cut from potential sales. 

Over the weekend, Niantic promised it hadn't forgotten about Pokémon Go for Apple's wearable, tweeting the app is still "coming soon."

Warring wearables

Though Niantic says it's not currently working on a wearable, the one featured in the report is worth examining. It's apparently called the "Nex + Ingress Band", and is seemingly designed for Niantic's AR predecessor to Pokémon Go, a game called Ingress. 

An image of the band shows it to be a dead ringer for the recently crowdfunded Nex Band Evolution, which is supposedly resurfacing with the help of Niantic licensing its games to the wearable.

The Nex Evolution consists of five touch-sensitive buttons that double as LED displays. These buttons allowed users in its teaser reel to program special features, like tapping a key twice to drop a GPS pin, or flash blue lights whenever a new Instagram notification popped up.

Credit: 9to5Mac

Credit: 9to5Mac
(Image: © 9to5Mac)

This, combined with a four-day battery life, fitness tracking features, and a customizable display could make the alleged Niantic-branded Nex Evolution a suitable alternative to playing Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch, the report claims.

The report also says that while only an Ingress model of the supposed Nex Evolution Band is in production - which could possibly explain the obtained images - there have been talks about also offering a Pokémon Go variant as well.

It's possible Niantic is trying to pull the wool over our eyes so as not to detract from Pokémon Go on Apple Watch’s release. Saying it's not working on a wearable "at this point in time" could mean a wearable isn't in the cards right this minute, but that could change in the coming year.

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