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Microsoft in the dock following antitrust claims by Chinese government

Microsoft in China
Microsoft's Chinese journey is rocky at times.

The Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) office has confirmed that it raided Microsoft's offices in China as part of an ongoing antitrust investigation.

A Google-translated press release reveals that the Chinese are interested in finding out about any potentially illegal tie-in between its Office productivity suite and its Windows operating system.

It appears that law enforcement officers took two computers, emails and other files including contract and financial statements as part of the anti-monopoly investigation.

Steamy Windows

Whether the current tug-of-war between the Chinese government and the Redmond-based company is linked with the recent ban on Windows 8 remains to be seen.

It is a mere coincidence but one can only wonder whether the Chinese are looking to pressure Microsoft into giving them better rates should they upgrade their computers from Windows XP.

A number of US companies - including Qualcomm and Apple - have recently been investigated by Chinese regulators either for so-called monopolistic behavior or suspected "back door" access.

Via Mercurynews