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Rollable e-ink display company folds

Rollable e-ink display company folds
RIP Readius

Polymer Vision, the company beavering away on flexible-ish e-ink displays, has reportedly closed its doors.

The company's chief technology officer Edzer Huitema, has apparently confirmed the closure after the company that owned Polymer failed to find a buyer, but he wasn't letting slip much more than that.

In this brave new world of tablets, laptops that can also be tablets and phones that are so big they might as well be tablets, it likely became clear that there was no call for a handily rollable yet, crucially, quite bulky e-ink device.

The Readius, Polymer's e-reader device, does sound good on paper (ironically enough) but after years of undelivered promises it missed its window of opportunity.

Readius or not

We were expecting the Readius to launch in the UK in October 2008, a time when Kindles and iPhones were just starting out and it may have had a fighting chance.

Nowadays we're more likely to get het up about flexible AMOLED displays which look a lot jazzier, come in colour and have big-name backing (take a bow, Samsung).

While they're not exactly tripping off the production line just yet, reports are coming in that the flexible AMOLED display orders are on the up and could make a bendy appearance in consumer devices at some point next year.

From Plus Plastics via Engadget