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You can now make artworks offline with Prisma

Prisma app

Good news, Prisma, the image-editing app that lets you turn your smartphone pics into mini works of art thanks to its collection of excellent filters, has been updated to allow you to continue work offline.

At the moment the update is only for iOS (we're promised an update for Android users very soon), but it means that you'll no longer have to wait until your iPhone's got a decent connection to take advantage of the array of filters.

Until the update, your pics, once in the app, were sent to Prisma's servers where a neural network would do the complex processing, before sending the final artwork back to your iPhone.

That's no longer necessary with the update, with Prisma's developers able to implement neural networks to smartphones, letting your phone take the strain and giving the servers a bit of a respite.

Not all of Prisma's filters will be available offline at first - only half currently - but it should mean that things are speeded up a bit running the algorithms on your phone. This is a little dependent on your device however, but we tried it out on an iPhone 6 and it churned through images pretty quickly considering the processing that had to be applied.