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4G on EE too expensive? Shared phone and tablet contracts coming soon

4G on EE too expensive? Shared phone and tablet contracts coming soon
Tablet and phone data will soon be available on the same contract from EE
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The UK's only up-and-running 4G LTE network EE will soon allow customers to sign data contracts that allow for the use of multiple devices.

The fledgling next-gen network, which has already racked up half a million customers since October, will allow users to split their data allowance between a 4G-enabled smartphone and tablet.

The company did not say how much the new tariffs could cost, or whether there'd be an increase on the current charges in order to use multiple devices, but said all will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The network assured the public that the new deals will be available "next few months or so" as it braces itself for competition from Vodafone and O2's arrival on the 4G scene.

Beating rivals to the punch

Reports have suggested that Vodafone in particular will also offer shared data contracts when its 4G network goes live at the end of the summer.

The EE offering would allow it to, once again, get in ahead of rivals in the hope of snapping up the business before other options become available.

Would you be more likely to sign up for a pricey 4G contract if you were able to use your iOS or Android tablet without taking out a second contract? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via Telegraph

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