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Wolfram Alpha goes pro with premium packages

Wolfram Alpha goes pro with premium packages
Does not compute - no, wait, it does

Wolfram Alpha has announced a new pro package for all your knowledge computing needs that brings bulked up results and the ability to search using images, files and other data inputs.

The enriched pro results will come with interactive graphs and the like, as well as the ability to export and download information.

Wolfram Alpha's current free results come with some simple graphs and basic results but the pro edition will give you a lot more control over these, allowing you to show different, relevant datasets on the same chart and export the data rather than simply saving the graph as an image.

Keyboard porn

In exchange for your monthly fee, Wolfram Alpha will also give you an extended keyboard which allows you to use all manner of alternative symbols too, including mathematical signs and the Greek alphabet.

The new pro deal will set you back $4.99 a month (around £3.15) or $2.99 (£1.88) if you're a student, although there will also be a free trial period when it launches on 8 February (Wednesday).

While this will likely prove most useful to students and academics, there's something to be said for an increase in the quality of your pub knowledge about goats in France, P && (Q || R) and, er, Ryan Gosling. Right?