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Online petition sparks Olympic controversy

The jagged logo is based on the 2012 number

An online petition has been signed by nearly 50,000 people asking for the London Olympics 2012 logo to be scrapped. The petition attracted 1,000 signatures every hour for 48 hours until its creator closed it down.

The petition was created at after the London Olympic committee unveiled the jagged, animated logo on Monday. It immediately drew criticism from the public, being called "hideous," "ugly" and "disgusting" by many disgruntled citizens.

Bizarrely, the animated version of the logo triggered epileptic fits and had to be removed from the official website. It is designed to never stay the same colour and flashes with multicolours at all times.

A total of 48,615 people signed the petition in just under two days, while a similar petition campaigning to save the logo has been signed by just 100 people.

Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) shun online petitions and refuse to take them seriously. That's because they're easy to set up, and easy to fake. Many joke petitions also detract from the legitimacy of serious ones.

The "Change the London 2012 Logo" petition was closed by the author when it became clear that the Olympic Committee was going to ignore all criticism. It will keep the logo, which cost £400,000 to create.