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UK calls for world's cyberlaws to be tightened

Can the UK get the world to stop the hack?
Can the UK get the world to stop the hack?

The UK Home Office has appealed to the rest of the world to tighten up their cyberlaws, explaining that web criminals are "not inconvenienced by national boundaries".

Speaking at an event in London, crime and security minister James Brokenshire said that there needs to be some sort of international agreement about the punishment of cybercriminals, so that there aren't countries in the world that are seen as a safe haven.

Currently, there is a European convention of Cybercrime but, Brokenshire wants this to be expanded so that the likes of Russia and China are singing from the same cyber song sheet.

Global problem

"Cybercrime is a truly global problem that demands a global response," explained Brokenshire.

And speaking to Zdnet, he noted: "People recognise that we need appropriate legal frameworks in place. Partnership is key."

With the on-going hack attacks on high-profile companies, cybercrime is hitting the front pages more and more, making it all the more apparent that some sort of global response is needed.

Via Zdnet