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Kaiser Chiefs offer up 'bespoke' new album online

Kaiser Chiefs - bespoke options
Kaiser Chiefs - bespoke options

British band Kaiser Chiefs have released their latest 'album' with the rather intriguing option of choosing your own tracks and artwork.

Kaiser Chiefs' The Future is Medieval is available for download, but offers up a range of choices in order to try to make it a bespoke album.

To that end you can choose your track listings, picking ten out of the 20 tracks available (there are samples to help the choice) and then pay £7.50.


Regardless of your opinion of Kaiser Chiefs it's an intriguing proposition, and there is the added bonus of designing your own cover and getting your own page to 'sell' your finished offering, making £1 in the process.

The band have also spoken to The Guardian about the album, and pointed out how rude it is for people to download an album illegally and then criticise it.

"It just seemed like bad manners, really," said the group's drummer Nick Hodgson.

"Getting it for free – I don't mind that per se. But how much effort are you going to put into listening to something you didn't pay for?"

You can create your album and check out an interesting idea at