Dropbox for Business to get SSO

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SSO coming to Dropbox for Business

Cloud file sharing operation Dropbox is planning to introduce a single sign-on (SSO) function to its Dropbox for Business service next month.

Product manager Anand Subramani says in a blogpost that it will accept sign-on from any central identity provider that uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). This includes a number of established names such as Ping Identity, Okta and OneLogin, but will also work for an SSO developed in-house if it is based on SAML.

It effectively places the identity provider in charge of the sign-on to Dropbox for Business, saving the user from signing on if they are already in the company's network.

Subramani says in the blog that SSO will mean one fewer password to remember and one step less to use the service.

It should also encourage integration with Microsoft Active Directory, which the company promotes as a management tool for the service. Currently this only applies to Okta and OneLogin, but the SSO move should help to tie it up with other central identity providers.

The move comes a few weeks after Dropbox introduced a new admin console and sharing controls.