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Atonement director has 'never seen a 3D movie'

3D - directorial schism
3D - directorial schism

The director of Oscar winning Atonement and forthcoming action flick Hanna has admitted that he has never even seen a film in 3D.

Joe Wright – a man not afraid to speak his mind – told Shortlist that he is not prepared to leap to a judgement of 3D, but that he finds anything involving blue-screen filming and digital backgrounds boring.

"I've actually never seen a 3D film," said Wright. "I should probably go and have a look at one before I make a judgement."

Not attracted

"I'm not really attracted to the idea of making one," he added

"I'm interested in storytelling, no special effects. Whenever I have to do anything with a blue screen I get so bored."

The topic of 3D has caused something a schism among Hollywood's high profile directors – with the likes of James Cameron, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg all advocates, but Batman director Christopher Nolan less keen.

But, the money behind the production of 3D films is speaking, and major directors like Martin Scorsese and Werner Herzog both working on high-profile projects.