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Zavvi claims game sales will overtake DVDs

Zavvi CEO claims games to eclipse DVDs within the year
Zavvi CEO claims games to eclipse DVDs within the year

High street entertainment specialist Zavvi (formerly Virgin Megastores) has claimed that the revenue it makes from video games could well overtake that made by DVD sales within the year.

CEO Simon Douglas also bullishly claimed that Zavvi's game offering rivals the range available at GAME.

"DVD still leads the way but games are catching up quickly," Douglas told MCV.

Games to eclipse DVDs

"It is possible that games will eclipse DVD in a year, although if Blu-ray progresses as the industry expects, then it's maybe difficult for games to catch DVD in total. But it's a nice battle to have to worry about."

Zavvi is looking to increase its gaming space, following "growth has been nothing short of phenomenal," according to the CEO, who added that they were a "little bit stunned by our performance."

TechRadar reported earlier this week that UK retailers are confident that there should be no Nintendo Wii shortages this coming Christmas.