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Grand Theft Auto is going back to its top-down roots with new Tiny Racers mode

Back before Grand Theft Auto 3 dragged the camera down to a third-person view, GTA was a top-down view game that gave players a god’s eye view of the chaos they were causing. Rockstar has revealed it’s going to be returning to this retro angle in a new GTA online mode called Tiny Racers.

Tiny Racers is essentially a much more arcade-like take on Grand Theft Auto’s existing stunt races. Players will race around tracks, picking up power ups and taking out other online racers to ensure that they get over the finish line first. 

The new mode actually strikes us as being like a much more violent Micro Machines, a title which has recently been revealed to be returning to consoles after more than 10 years away. 

The new Tiny Racers GTA Online mode and trailer was revealed in a tweet from the Rockstar Games account which also announced the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 25.  

You can watch the trailer for yourself below: