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Hostinger's Black Friday deal will sort your web hosting for just $0.80 a month

web hosting deal black friday hostinger
(Image credit: Hostinger)

It must almost be Black Friday and Cyber Monday time - it's the only explanation for this ridiculously cheap web hosting deal.

Hostinger, has blown the web hosting competition out of the water and proven Black Friday deals are not just for tech devices. This year, Hostinger is offering a whopping 90% off on its web hosting plans. That means that you could be paying as little as  $0.80/£0.80 a month for your website hosting for the foreseeable future if you head to this link

The 90% off sale is on the simple plan, with this plan not only do you get 24/7 customer support, but you also get 99.9% uptime guarantee and an ace 100GB of bandwidth for a single website. 

If Hostinger's sale sounds too good to be true - don't panic it's not, but it is better suited for committed web hosting users as if you want the lowest price you'll have to opt for a four year contract. 

However, if you're not a committed web hosting user, don't shake your head just yet, Hostinger has other sales for you too! The web hosting giant is also offering 76% off a 12-month plan for a single plan, meaning $1.95/£1.95 a month - that's still only $23.50 for the whole year!

Read below to get full details on this Black Friday bargain, or if you're already sold, head over to Hostinger's website.


Hostinger's brilliant Black Friday web hosting deal:

Single Plan | From $0.80/£0.80 a month | 90% saving
This plan is ideal for anyone who doesn't need unlimited domains and is only looking at setting up one website with simple features. It plan offers 100GB of bandwith, 10GB of disk space, 24/7 customer support and a business email account.
View Deal

Premium Plan | From $2.15/£2.15 a month | 82% saving
This plan is perfect for anyone looking to set up several websites - as this web hosting package offers up to 100 websites - but still wants a bargain subscription. The premium plan is better suited for those who have higher web hosting service needs as it offers 20GB disk space, unlimited bandwith, unlimited MySQL databases and free domain registration.
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Business Plan | From $3.45/£3.45 a month | 78% saving
Serious business websites need a serious web hosting service - and this is it from Hostinger. It offers up to 100 websites and 4x the processing power and memory of the single plan. It also boasts unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited bandwith, free domain registration and 30GB disk space on top of the same 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.View Deal

If you're unsure which of Hostinger's web hosting plans is best for you, you can compare every last feature and detail on its website.