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PlayStation Store back online after six-week hiatus

PlayStation Store online and accepting your cards right now
PlayStation Store online and accepting your cards right now

The PlayStation Store is finally up and running, putting an end to more than a month of woes for Sony.

Since a hack back in April, the entire PlayStation Network had been taken offline while Sony made the appropriate steps to secure the service.

The last offline piece of the PSN is now back up after 43 days in the wilderness and it is like nothing ever happened.

This is because the spring offers that were on the store back in April are to remain for the majority of June.

Online offers

Those looking for the Welcome Back offer will be disappointed, though, as this is not yet available.

The reason: it is still in the final stages of testing. Considering Sony has been testing our patience for the last six weeks, you would have thought they were experts of it by now.

The offers available on the store have been outlined on the Sony on its blog. They include: God of War HD Collection, Outland and Back to the Future: Episode 3, and demos of games like Motorstorm: Apocalypse.