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Win a PS3 with the T3 awards

Vote for your favourite gadgets in the T3 Awards 2007. And win a PS3!

Our colleagues over at T3 magazine and are gearing up for their annual gadget awards.

This year's awards include categories such as "Best Commuter Gadget". Can you travel happily without your iPod? Is your daily schlep to work a nightmare without Puzzle Quest on the Nintendo DS?

Best gadget of all time?

Then there's the "Best Gadget of All Time" category, guaranteed to cause arguments down the pub. Will the iPod win it? Does the multi-million selling Sony PS2 deserve a T3 gong? Or how about the Sky+ PVR? (Just can't live without one myself.)

The gadget category that peaks our interest though is "Most Anticipated of 2007". Considering the hoo-hah around the iPhone and its imminent launch in Europe (fingers crossed for November), Apple's brave new mobile should walk it. PS3 and Xbox fanboys might not agree, however.

Voting is open now. Point your browser to the T3 awards page to have your say.