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Plex for PS3 and PS4 launching today in Australia, Europe and most of Asia

Plex for PS4

PlayStation owners – your living rooms just got a little bit more awesome.

Plex has announced that its incredibly popular media centre app has finally launched on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 across Australia, Europe and most of Asia.

Don't feel too perplexed, U.S. PlayStation owners – Plex has promised that a stateside launch will be happening soon, along with many more locations around the world.

Let's talk about Plex, baby

The PlayStation Plex app will reportedly look almost identical to the app released for Xbox One in October, and will unfortunately come with the same limitations of that version.

Use of the Plex app for PlayStation will be limited to Plex Pass subscribers, with only video and library support available at the outset.

MKV container videos and DTS audio are not currently supported natively, either.

Thankfully, Plex is planning to add support for channels, music and photos, as well as non-Plex Pass users sometime in the near future.