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Elden Ring: news, rumors and trailers

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring was officially confirmed at E3 2019 and we couldn't be more hyped.

Rumors had been swirling for a few months but at Microsft's E3 2019 keynote it was confirmed that author George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware, the studio behind the Dark Souls franchise, are teaming up to make an open- world action RPG.

Imagine the brutality of Dark Souls combined with the narrative genius of Game of Thrones: that's what Elden Ring is promising us.

Elden Ring will take place in a game world created by FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin. And, while there may have been some hopes for a game less bleak than past FromSoftware games on account of Martin's influence, the trailer we seen at E3 2019 paints as bleak a world as any found in past FromSoftware games.

We see humans crumbling, falling apart, and characters attaching severed limbs to their bodies only for those limbs to reanimate. There are fiery red skies, massive enemies, and battlefields littered with corpses. Classic FromSoftware.

Here's everything we know so far about Elden Ring.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? An open would action RPG that sees George R.R. Martin and FromSOftware collaborating
  • When can I play it? TBC 
  • What can I play it on? Xbox One, PS4 and PC (probably next-generation consoles too)

Elden Ring release date

FromSoftware hasn't given us a firm release date for Elden Ring. However, we think it's likely the game could be next-generation, arriving at the end of 2020 on Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5

Elden Ring trailers

The announcemnet trailer for Elden Rings doesn't give away anything in terms of gameplay, but with more than one sword shown and a spear and hammer given screen time, it looks like it will be as melee focused as FromSoftware's past games.

Check t out below:

Elden Ring news and rumors

It's all doom and gloom
Well, it seems that way from the trailer. We don't know what the story will involve but the voiceover from the trailer came with the following narration: 

"I doubt you could even imagine it. That which commanded the stars giving life its fullest brilliance. The Elden Ring. Oh, Elden Ring, shattered by someone or something. Don't tell me you don't see it. Look up at the sky. It burns."

Elden Ring

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Open world style game
In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki confirmed Elden Ring is an open-world style game with gameplay mechanics similar to the Dark Souls series.

"However, that doesn’t mean that it plays out in the same way," he told IGN. "With a more open and vast environment, the way combat plays out becomes fundamentally different.”

He also confirmed your character will be customizable, there will be no towns or cityscapes (so no NPCS to talk with) and - more importantly - you'll be able to traverse the world on horseback.

Confirmed at E3 2019
Elden Ring was officially confirmed at Microsoft's E3 2019 keynote with an announcement trailer.