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The desktop may not be dead after all

Small, but powerful
Small, but powerful

Desktop users shouldn't be embarrassed about their PC of choice. Eighty-four percent of small businesses would consider buying desktops for their organizations, according to IDC.

Survey respondents cited longer average lifetime value and lower cost of ownership for reasons why they'd be more likely to buy a desktop than a laptop or a mini PC.

Only 43% of respondents said they would consider a small form factor device, like a laptop, for their organizations, and 35% said they would be willing to purchase a mini PC – the computers typically used to operate digital signage or Internet kiosks.

What to do with desktops

Companies told IDC that the enhanced computing power of desktop PCs over laptops was another important factor as to why they would rather buy the traditional tower computers.

However, mobility has become a factor that businesses must consider, especially with new operating systems providing greater consistency from device to device. An interesting tidbit from the IDC survey revealed that 40% of organizations that hadn't migrated to Windows 10 plan to make the switch within the next 12 months.

What this means is that organizations want workers to have a desktop in the office, but they also want their employees to be able to take work out of the office on tablets and smartphones without having to sacrifice productivity.