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Skype for iPad finally on the way

Skype for iPad leaked and then confirmed

The Apple iPad is finally going to get its own Skype application and, on first impressions, it looks every bit like the app we've all been waiting for.

The news, which was officially confirmed later, came in the form of a leaked promo video showcasing the iPad iteration in all its beautifully-designed glory.

Following the leak, TUAW called-up Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh who said the app was coming soon and is currently in the test phase.

No release date has been confirmed.

Similar success

Osterloh says the Skype app would offer the same functionality as the iPhone iteration, which experienced "a userbase that doubled in just a month's time."

He expects the iPad app to "experience similar success."

Until now iPad owners have been able to access the iPhone version of Skype, blowing it up to full the screen and dealing bad resolution and an over-sized iPhone keyboard.

An official Skype app, complete with video calls, voice calls and IM with a tablet-optimised design will be a massive bonus for the legions of Skype users who also rock and Apple iPad.

You can see the audio-less promo video, that some quick-on-the-draw YouTube user ripped from the web, below.