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Corsair's 180GB and 240GB SSDs out now

Corsair's 180GB and 240GB SSDs out now
Corsair - bigger than ever

Memory maestro Corsair has announced that its bigger capacity Force Series GT solid state drives (SSDs) are now available.

The new SSDs up the capacity of Corsair's Force Series GT to 180GB and 240GB, which are big increases on the already-available 60GB and 120GB sizes.

Corsair's SSDs include a SandForce SF-2280 processor, which natively supports SATA 6Gb/s, as well as ONFI synchronous flash memory.

Corsair says that the drives offer "outstanding read/write performance" and "significantly faster system response, boot times, and application load times than SATA 2 SSDs." The drives can read at speeds of up to 555 MB/s, and write at up to 525 MB/s.

'Premium systems'

Thi La, vice president of memory products at Corsair, said, "The new 180GB and 240GB models are ideal for premium systems which require large amounts of high-performance storage."

The drives are backwards-compatible with the SATA 2 interface, and include a 3.5-inch adapter for larger drive bays.

As SSDs become more capacious, we've reached a stage where there's little need to use them in conjunction with traditional platter-based hard disk drives.

Corsair's do come with mighty price tags, though - $379 USD (£232) for the 180GB model, and $489 USD (£299) for the 240GB drive.