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Tesla Model S Easter egg turns normal streets into a trippy Rainbow Road track

Tesla Model S interior

The newest Tesla software update will give you Mario Kart nightmares thanks to a Rainbow Road-inspired Autopilot display in the Model S.

Named Cowbell Road, the latest Easter egg showed up in the v7.1 (2.16.17) update released this week.

"Activate autopilot 4X in quick succession for psychedelic cowbell road," tweeted Elon Musk. "And, yes, we are adding more cowbell soon."

I hate Rainbow Road with a passion: it is the bane of my existence in Mario Kart. The nearly impossible level has resulted in copious amounts of cursing and hair pulling, on my part.

However, it's a cool little Easter egg grown-ups will enjoy. Just don't try to throw turtle shells out of the car as it may be frowned upon by the police.

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