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Best tax software 2020: manage and file federal and state taxes

Best tax software
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Everyone knows the IRS is not to be messed with. State and federal taxes must be filed in time, and they must be accurate.

However, managing tax can be a headache, especially if you're concerned about getting the figures exactly right and you've covered both state and federal boxes properly.

To make things easier there are a number of software packages available to help you manage your tax returns. These aim to make completing returns simple and easy.

While some have a basic fee for basic filing, some can cover additional tax areas such as investments and real estate, and usually charge extra to cover these additions.

Even still, if the software makes life easier it's worth trying. Here then is the best in tax return software in 2020.

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The best tax software: at a glance

  1. TaxSlayer
  2. TaxAct
  3. H&R Block TaxCut
  4. TurboTax
  5. FreeTaxUSA
  6. Jackson Hewitt Online
  7. Credit Karma Tax


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1. TaxSlayer

A bargain tax solution

Affordable costs  
Additional help for the self-employed  
Phone and online support included 
State return is an additional fee 

TaxSlayer positions itself as a bargain tax solution, offering prices that undercut the competition across multiple tiers.  

The base tier of TaxSlayer for basic returns, known as SimplyFree, offers a Federal and State return, including the eFile, all for free, but only for 1040EZ forms. The more popular Classic tier includes all major Federal tax forms, and includes a W-2 import for a dirt cheap $24, but the State forms are an additional $4.95 fee, which should be fine for most users.

The offerings top out at $47, and cover the specific needs of the self-employed, including contractors and 1099’s, and also require the additional fee for a State return. There is an online guide to assist users in choosing the best version of the program for their needs.  

Even at these affordable prices, a notable feature is the included phone and email support (24 to 48 hour response) on the lower tiers, and live chat on the higher tiers.   


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2. TaxAct

The no-frills tax solution

Accuracy guarantee  
Five tiers to cover all situations 
Lacks email support  
State cost is higher than competition 

Sporting a simplified interface, TaxAct takes a no-frills approach to the chore of doing the taxes in the cloud, while undercutting the prices of the bigger players.

TaxAct has five tiers, of which the first is free, and good for filing simple returns such as a 1040. The Basic tier expands the service to include college expenses, dependents, and more, for $14.95. The Deluxe tier at $47.95 covers homeowners, deducations, credits, and adjustments, while the Premier tier at £57.95 covers investments, rental property, and provides priority support.

TaxAct has all the basics covered, including importing W-2’s, and importation of prior years’ returns. There is also mobile app support for calculating returns on the go, and you can even use your smartphone camera to capture your W-2 income form. 

TaxAct eschews email support in favor of phone and chat support. It also offers a $100,000 accuracy guarantee. 

H&R Block TaxCut

(Image credit: H&R Block TaxCut )

3. H&R Block TaxCut

A robust feature set, but still affordable

Full featured  
Attractive interface  
Backed up by retail bricks and mortar outlets 
No free tier for basic returns 

Formerly known as Kiplinger’s TaxCut, H&R Block TaxCut has been around for many years, and is a full featured tax solution. With four tiers, it can handle just about any return.  

Unlike some other offerings, TaxCut has no free tier, and the simpler returns start with the Basic one which retails at $29.95. While it includes a Federal eFile, adding a State return means a hefty $39.95 extra, and for a State eFile it's an additional $19.95.

Unless you live in that few handful of states with no State income tax, such as Florida, most users are better served with the next tier up, Deluxe, which for $54.95 is better value as it includes both the Federal and State return, although the State eFile still adds an additional $19.95.  

The standout feature of TaxCut is that there are approximately 12,000 H&R outlets that are available to users of the program when some in-person hand-holding is needed to get the job done - for an additional cost. Online chat, like its competitors, is included for no extra outlay. 


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4. TurboTax

The venerable master of tax return software

Been around for decades  
Free Federal tier  
Stores tax documents in the cloud 
Adding the State return is expensive 

Ask someone to name a program for tax prep, and chances are they will say TurboTax. That’s not by accident as this firm is an old pro in this area, having its origins in the mid-1980’s when TurboTax was first created by the software company Chipsoft (and is now under the Intuit umbrella).

The online offerings start with a free tier for Federal taxes, and the State adds a reasonable $29.95; this is fine for a 1040EZ or 1040A return, but not a full 1040. The full 1040 requires a step up to the Deluxe tier, which goes for $59.99, and the State return adds $39.99 to the package.  

TurboTax includes the 'ItsDeductible' feature, which can assist in calculating the value of donated items. It can also store your documents online for safekeeping if they are needed later, such as for an audit. 


5. FreeTaxUSA

Free Federal tax software to bring a smile to a skinflint

File Federal taxes for free  
State tax filing affordable  
Guaranteed to be accurate 
Deluxe tier for priority support 

Getting your taxes done for free does sound like an attractive offer, and yes, the name of this product does indicate the truth. Federal taxes can indeed be done for free - for all returns including a full 1040, and even more complicated tax situations such as an Earned Income Credit, or a K-1. Adding a State return tacks on an affordable $14.95 fee.  

Compared to the competition, FreeTaxUSA does indeed represent the bargain here. There is a higher Deluxe tier offered, which adds Audit Assist, Priority Support and can handle amended returns, but true to the cheapskate origins, it's only an additional $6.99.

Jackson Hewitt Online

(Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)

6. Jackson Hewitt Online

Jackson Hewitt Online combines its software service with real help

Ideal for basic filing
Wizard-style interface
Dependable help system
Can be a little patchy

Jackson Hewitt Online is an ideal solution for tax filing duties if you require online and real-person advice in order to ensure you’ve covered all bases. Jackson Hewitt Online has a range of products to choose from, all of which are obviously dependent on the complexities of your tax filing affairs. 

There’s a start for free basic level option, which is suitable for simple returns. That means it could work for those who are single or who are married and filing jointly. It allows for up to $100,000 taxable income, taking the standard deduction and covers W-2 wages and/or unemployment. It also covers earned income tax credit (no kids). Meanwhile, the $29.99 (+$36.99 per state filed) Deluxe package covers those with children and other dependents, schedule EITC and child tax credit affairs, dependent care expenses or those with student loans, educator expenses or retirement income. 

Top of the tree is the Premier edition that for $49.99 (+$36.99 per state filed) is ideally suited to complex tax return duties. It’s tailored to tackle those with income over $100,000, the self-employed, those with rental property as well as covering itemized deductions along with other income, credits or deductions.

Credit Karma Tax

(Image credit: Credit Karma)

7. Credit Karma Tax

Tackle basic tax filing without any pricy overheads

No charge
Easy enough to use
Simple layout
You’ll need a Credit Karma account

Credit Karma will most likely be a familiar name as it’s been around for a number of years now, most notably supplying free credit scores. Its range of services now includes Credit Karma Tax, which is another online service for filing personal taxes. One of the most appealing aspects of Credit Karma Tax is that it’s free to use, although the trade-off to that is the fact you’ll need to sign up for a Credit Karma account.

If you’ve already got an account with them though it’s even easier to get started with the step-by-step filing process. Credit Karma Tax also benefits from the addition of support staff who are also on hand to help get you out of tricky tax spots.