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Insightly review

A versatile CRM platform

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Our Verdict

Insightly is a leader in the CRM software space, with advanced automation tools that can help you manage your sales team and deal pipeline.


  • Automated lead assignment
  • Activity sets to keep sales reps on task
  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI for reporting


  • Not many tools for lead generation
  • Phone support costs extra
  • Interface isn’t easy to get started with

Insightly is an extremely versatile CRM platform that offers highly customizable dashboards and feeds to keep track of sales in progress. It also has plenty of features for managing contacts and blends some project management tools into the sales process. Overall, there’s a lot to like about Insightly.

Plans and Pricing

Insightly offers four plans, including a free plan. The free version of Insightly is limited to two users, so it’s primarily useful for small startups as a way to get off the ground.

A paid Plus plan starts at $29 per user per month for up to 2,500 emails per day, 250 custom fields, and 100,000 leads and contacts. However, note that the Plus plan does not include automated lead assignment, workflow automation, or outbound email scheduling.

Insightly 1

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For those features, you’ll need a Professional plan for $49 per user per month. This also bumps your database limits to 5,000 emails, 500 custom fields, and 250,000 leads and contacts. If you need an even larger database, an Enterprise plan costs $99 per user per month and gives you 10,000 emails, 1,000 custom fields, and 500,000 leads and contacts.


Insightly has a huge set of features, which makes this platform suitable for businesses of any size. The software combines CRM with project management to an impressive degree, so it’s an ideal platform for managing complex sales pipelines.

Lead Management

Insightly’s lead management tools are extremely rich, so it can be overwhelming to bring new contacts into the platform at first. The software separates leads and contacts, with the latter representing prospective clients who your sales team has already contacted. You can use custom fields to add information about leads, and all emails, phone calls, notes, and other process data is automatically tagged to a contact record.

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Unfortunately, Insightly doesn’t have a huge variety of tools for generating new leads. You can create HTML web forms and scan business cards using the platform’s mobile app. But, the software doesn’t integrate with social media and you can’t automatically scrape contact data from company websites.

What the platform lacks in lead generation, though, it makes up for in automation. Managers can create lead assignment rules based on custom field data to automatically assign leads to individual sales reps or sales teams. This is a big help if your sales division is segmented, for example, by geography or product line.

Sales Funnel

Insightly offers a very customizable sales funnel that allow you to track the status of all the deals your sales team is working on. It’s simple to move deals through the pipeline by clicking and dragging, and you can choose between a traditional list view or a kanban-style board.

One of the best things about Insightly’s sales funnel is that the platform allows you to create automated activity sets. These are essentially task lists that are repeated for every prospective client when they enter a new stage of the sales pipeline. The checklists keep your sales team on track and allow you to more granularly monitor the status of a deal within each pipeline stage.

You can also set up workflow automations that are tied to the sales funnel. Automation templates allow you to, for example, send an email when a contact moves into a specific stage of the funnel. Helpfully, automated workflows can also be used to establish initial contact after a lead enters your CRM database.

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Insightly offers very powerful reporting features. The platform comes with a series of dashboards that are designed to give you an overview of your business and current deals. But, you can also customize your own dashboards to get a detailed view of how different sales teams are performing and whether they’re meeting sales targets.

Even better, Insightly supports a relatively seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI. This pairing allows you to really harness data from the CRM software and combine it with data from across the rest of your business. You can use Microsoft Power BI to create more custom dashboards within Insightly and to add advanced visualization tools into the CRM platform.

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Interface and In Use

Insightly can be overwhelming at first. The platform offers a huge variety of tools and the potential for advanced workflow automation and dashboard customization only adds to the feeling of decision paralysis. However, the software is well-organized and becomes easier to handle with use. Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide features that you don’t use to reduce the complexity of the interface.

The platform does offer a mobile app for iOS and Android, although it has a few flaws. Most notably, users can’t send emails or check whether emails were opened using the mobile app. However, the app does allow sales reps to add leads by scanning in business cards or to move deals through a sales pipeline. Managers can even access activity sets to modify task checklists on the go.

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Insightly makes user pay for customer service separately from the primary plans. With an Insightly plan, you only get email support and access to online documentation.

A Premium support plan costs $1,500 per year and adds phone support, email responses in under four hours, and 10 training sessions per year. An Ultimate support plan costs $3,000 per year and gives your company priority phone support, email responses in under one hour, and 30 trainings per year. There’s also an Admin support plan for $10,000 per year, which gives your business unlimited training sessions and help with platform customization from Insightly’s development team.

The Competition

Insightly has a lot of tools, including workflow automation and basic project management. In that sense, it’s most similar to Zoho CRM and Salesforce. While Zoho CRM is similarly priced, Salesforce is significantly more expensive. The main advantage to those platforms is that advanced reporting is built in, rather than dependent on integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Final Verdict

Insightly is a highly capable CRM software with advanced tools for managing how deals progress through your pipeline. The platform’s automated workflow and lead assignment tools are a major advantage for mid-to-large-sized businesses. Insightly could use more lead generation tools and cheaper support options, but the platform is otherwise very appealing.

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