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Etymotic E6i review

Block out city noise and enjoy accurate music reproduction

There are two sets of buds supplied: a foam pair and a flanged pair

Our Verdict

Clear, crisp sound with enhanced bass coupled with a comfortable fit


  • Noise isolation

    Amazing sound reproduction

    Enhanced bass without distortion

    Comfortable fit

    In iPod white


  • Earwax plunger effect

Isn't it annoying when you're listening to your iPod as you walk to work and the passing traffic is louder than the tunes you're trying to listen to? And it's equally annoying when you have to constantly re-adjust your earbuds because they keep shifting out of your lughole. But finding earphones that have the prefect balance of noise isolation and comfort isn't easy. Thank God that Etymotic has the E6is.

Designed specifically for the iPod and other MP3 players, the E6i earphones provide amazing sound with accurate bass response, while blocking out all surrounding noise. It's great that your music doesn't get disturbed by traffic and other noise pollution, but you do need to be extra careful when crossing roads and in built-up areas.

There are two sets of buds supplied: a foam pair and a flanged pair. To ensure a snug fit is achieved, you simply need to slightly dampen the bud so that it softens and then it slides and fits snugly in your ear.

The only drawback to the E6is is that they do sit deep in your ear - especially the flanged buds - and they have a plunger effect when it comes to earwax. If there's any in there, the E6is will drag it out. So it's probably best not to share these buds with others. Should they get dirty - and they undoubtedly will, no matter how clean you think your ears are - you can buy replacements from Etymotic.

Included with the Etymotics E6i earphones are flanged and foam eartips, two replacement filters, a filter changing tool, shirt clip and pouch to store the E6is when not in use.

If you don't like using white earphones in fear of being mugged for your iPod, the previous E6 earphones are available in black and come with the same accessories as the E6is.

When it comes to sound reproduction, the Etymotic E6is cannot be faulted - the sound is clear and crisp and the enhanced bass doesn't cause distortion. The only downside is the earwax plunger effect, but it's certainly not a reason not to buy these amazing earphones. Michelle Morris