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US super-camera tracks speeding bullets

A .22 calibre rifle can fire its bullets between 370 and 460 meters per second

A contractor of the US military has developed a video camera that can film speeding bullets.

The Variable Acuity Superpixel Technology system (VAST) was created by Nova Sensors . It uses a two-fold imaging system to track fast-moving objects.

Using thermal imaging, the camera locks on to a fast-moving hot object and presents it in high-resolution. Meanwhile, the rest of the picture is in low resolution, but is still monitored.

By keeping parts of the picture in low resolution, the camera can increase the frame rate on the fast moving object.

VAST uses a 320x256 pixel imaging sensor. By employing a high and low resolution approach, the sensor can record the fast moving objects at imaging speeds up to 250fps.

It's a system similar to the human eye - which can focus on one particular area, like the print in a newspaper, for increased analysis.

While VAST has serious implications in war zones, such as protecting troops and tracking snipers, it surely won't be long before VAST-like technology is used in speed cameras.

Motorists, you have been warned.