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Windows Phone's Cortana can now help you gamble and make choices

"Cortana, should I go to work today? Flip a coin"

Cortana is a pretty useful little helper for those who choose to take advantage of her skills in Windows Phone 8.

But now the virtual personal assistant can help you make tough choices in addition to placing calls and reminding you of important anniversaries.

An update to Cortana on Microsoft's side has granted the AI the ability to flip a coin or roll a die with a simple command ("roll the dice," "flip a coin"), two random acts that can be endlessly useful.

Left out

Well, maybe not endlessly useful - but it's nice to see Microsoft adding little features that help flesh out Cortana's personality.

TechRadar judged that Cortana stole the show in the latest Windows Phone updates, but oddly she was missing from Microsoft's recent Windows 10 announcement.

Granted, that wasn't the strangest thing about that announcement, but we're still hoping to see her get involved in the next Microsoft OS before it launches next year.

Via Windows Phone Central