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Electronic photo frame enlivens art store

Korean art retailer Artmu has some up with a way to boost sales of the middle-of-the-road Van Gogh and Rembrandt prints it sells by offering customers an electronic photo frame to house them in.

The 250,000 Won (£140) ePhotozip is nothing more complex than an 8-inch TFT screen with a simple operating system and a memory-card slot. The beauty lies in Artmu's download service that enables shoppers to browse an online art collection and choose which images to buy and transfer to the ePhotozip via its USB port.

Memory cards can also be used to move content, as the card slot supports MMC, SD and Memory Stick, while a remote control is included for flipping through the library on a card or stored in the 128MB of onboard memory.

The e-frame plays back JPEG files and - as it's obviously compulsory in any new gadget these days - MP3 audio tracks. Presumably, the idea is to accompany that tired old view of Monet's water lilies with a little soothing Handel?