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Microsoft Director bets $1,000 on Windows Phone success

Place your bets on Windows Phone 7 Mango
Place your bets on Windows Phone 7 Mango

Brandon Watson, the Senior Director of development at Microsoft, has wagered $1,000 with comic book author Scott Adams that he will favour the new Microsoft Windows Phones running the Mango update over the iPhone and or an Android offering.

Watson left a comment on the Dilbert author's blog after noting the developers frustration with his current device, saying, "I'll send you a developer phone with the new Mango OS on it. Give it an honest run, and if you don't love it more than either of your iPhone or Android experiences, I'll make a $1000 donation to the charity of your choice," he said, touting it as a win-win bet.

Mango Mango

He also offered the same proposition to CNET reporter Molly Wood over Twitter after she complained about her experience of using a Motorola Droid X Android handset.

Watson is obviously confident about the Windows Phone platform, having also given out his office phone number to developers on Twitter to get feedback straight from the horses' mouths, so to speak.

Windows Phone 7 Mango OS will feature voice-searching, interactive Live Tiles and social media integration and is thought to be heading to handsets around September of this year.

Via WinRumors