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Korean PMP tries to out-gadget Archos

The Oracom A9
The Oracom A9

Korean tech manufacturers Oracom have unveiled a new PMP – the A9 – that adds something no others have managed so far: haptic feedback.

With the PMP game being upped by the likes of Apple and Archos with the iPod Touch and 5G respectively, the touch-screen wars have entered a new gadget category.

So therefore it was only a matter of time before their mobile phone counterparts were aped for video an audio playback, and Oracom believes adding haptic feedback (vibration when the correct icon is pressed) will add to the user experience.

Spec up or down?

It certainly has the right specs for the basic media player: up to 4GB storage with microSD expansion and all manner of file format playback.

But with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, it gets outgunned by the likes of the Samsung Tocco or the LG Viewty, and these aren't even top level mobiles.

Still, with up to 24 hours music/seven hours video, it can last longer than the new iPod Nano, and also packs an e-book reader to wile away the long hours when you're fed up of digital sounds and vids.

And for under £100, you might want to check this out – if you live in Korea. Or you might not... who knows?