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Zuckerberg knocked off top of media power list by Google

Zuckerberg knocked off top of media power list by Google
Top of the Page

The annual MediaGuardian 100 list has been announced with a change at the top – Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has been replaced by Google's Larry Page.

The list, which is a who's who of media heavyweights, is packed with tech stalwarts but the Guardian has seen fit to remove Zuckerberg completely, replacing him with Joanna Shield's, Facebook's vice president and managing director in Europe.

This is, according to the Guardian, to give the list more of a UK focus but Zuckerberg's absence will fuel speculation that Facebook's disastrous IPO has diminished the power of the CEO.

Fallers and climbers

In a year where Google has branched out from search into hardware, at the top is Larry Page, while Twitter's Dick Costolo is in second place.

Also making the top five is Sir Jonathan Ive, who has been chosen instead of Apple CEO Tim Cook – again, there may well be jingoistic reasoning behind this.

Spotify's Daniel Ek is also still on the list, although dropping eight places and a big climber is Jeremy Darroch, CEO of BSkyB, climbing from the 19th to the 15th

It is two new tech entries, though, that points to a massive change in media power - BT CEO Ian Livingston and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings are now on the list, proving that when it comes to media the internet is now holds as strong a place as print.

Via the Guardian