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New GP2X handheld revealed

The GP2X:Wiz
The GP2X:Wiz

Korean manufacturer Game Park Holdings has unveiled the new, improved version of its open-source handheld – the GP2X:Wiz.

This time, the machine sports a 2.8inch OLED QVGA touchscreen at 320x240 pixels and a 533mhz CPU – technically faster than the PSP's mere 333mhz processing grunt.

A built-in microphone, SD memory slot and internal 1GB of storage complete the modernisation of the handheld, and the specs even state "3D Acceleration" in addition to the machine's 64MB RAM.

Snake on Dope

The company is promising new games every month, and the boxed console even comes with 12 built-in titles, including a shooter called Myride and something else rather brilliantly entitled Snake on Dope.

Removing the last version's analogue stick and adding twin digital pads is a slightly odd choice, though seems a good move when the touch screen can handle Linux and other open-source operating system, leaving the pads ideally suited for emulating Megadrives, NES's and Doom II - which, let's face it, is what most people will still be doing with the machine, anyway.

The GP2X:Wiz is shipping to the UK from October 6, and can be pre-ordered online for £130.00.