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Take a gander at the new Minecraft Lego sets

Minecraft Legos
Don't get that close to a creeper unless you hate living

Has there ever been a more obvious pairing in the world than Minecraft and Lego? The game was inspired heavily by Legos, and now it's come full circle.

The newest Minecraft Lego kits are scheduled to go on sale in November, but Russian retailer Mir Kubikov has pushed out a few images of what they will look like when they do.

The only downside to this partnership is that unlike most Lego adaptations, the physical version of Minecraft actually gives you less freedom than the original.

How much fun can crafting really be if your creations aren't in constant danger of being blown to bits by creepers?

Minecraft legos

That bread is definitely stale by now (credit: Mir Kubikov)

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