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PSN is experiencing outages... again

Further PSN outages confirmed by Sony
Access denied

PSN is down for some users once again, with issues having been acknowledged by Sony.

PSN outages have been reported by many users on social networks, and Sony made its own response over Twitter, confirming that it's looking into the issue.

"We're aware that some players are seeing drops on PSN. Engineers are on the case and investigating," its tweet reads.

This doesn't seem to be a service-wide issue as some PS4 users are able to get on PSN just fine.

We've a right to be twitchy about PSN's status, though, as DDoS attacks rendered the service unreachable over the Christmas break, leaving plenty of gamers with idle thumbs during what should have been a premium gaming slot.

At present, the PlayStation support site's PSN status reads 'Heavy Network Traffic', which may cause latency issues. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.