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New clip-on QWERTY keypad for PS3 controller

We'll get to see the new PS3 keypad towards the end of the year

At the same time as the new, improved 160GB PS3 and PSP-3000, SCEA also unveiled a QWERY keyboard attachment for the console's controller, intended to make online comms that little bit easier.

Now, instead of poking around with the onscreen keyboard, PS3 gamers get to clip the Wireless Keypad onto the top of either a Dualshock 3 or a Sixaxis controller and TXT's your uncle.

Mouse support

Oddly, Sony has included support for a mouse pointer by transforming the entire keyboard area into a trackpad at the touch of a button.

Or, as they put it, this "allows PS3 users to use the entire surface of the keypad as a touch pad, allowing them to easily manoeuvre the pointer while web browsing, simply by sliding their finger on the keypad surface."

Naturally, the connection to the console is made by Bluetooth and the Wireless Keypad has its own Li-ion battery that recharges by USB. It'll hit North America in November and the rest of the world soon after at an undisclosed price.