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GAEMS shows off gaming suitcase

GAEMS show off gaming suitcase
A gaming laptop for the strong-armed console generation

For those seeking semi-portable gaming, the GAEMS G155 has been announced – which can perhaps be best described as a gaming suitcase.

Bringing a HD screen and stereo speaker built in, this is a carry case that can convert your PS3 or Xbox 360 into a portable gaming rig.

"The G155 from Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems – AKA GAEMS – changes gaming forever," suggests the company's press release.

"Starting with its rugged case featuring console-securing straps and foam base – which also complies with TSA (Transport Security Administration) guidelines and airline carry-on guidelines – the G155 protects your beloved Xbox 360/360S or PS3 Slim while you are on the go."

Armed and dangerous?

The product is being pitched at several groups including – somewhat ingeniously – students in pokey halls of residence and shared flats, the armed forces and, of course, hardcore gamers who want to lug their Halo around with them.

With a UK price of £299, this actually looks like a fairly novel peripheral for the gamer who has everything.

But make sure you're near a power point, because, with no enormous battery obviously you'd still need to plug this in.