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Five-year-old bids £200,000 for Wii

Five year old Archie bid £200K for a Wii
Five year old Archie bid £200K for a Wii

A five-year-old boy used his grandfather's eBay account to bid nearly £200,000 on a second hand Wii.

Little Archie Lovett was apparently browsing the 'Bay looking for toys, when he somehow placed a bid for the console.

The first his grandfather Ray Atkinson knew about it was when an email arrived asking him for £197,654 to complete the purchase, according to The Telegraph.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw how much I needed to pay," said Mr Atkinson.

"I then realised it was Archie."

Grandad managed to cancel the deal, as luckily the seller was "very understanding".

Clever boy

Archie, who already has a Wii anyway, has been told not to do it again, though his forgiving grandfather gushed "It does show how clever he is."

Mother Leanne Lovett said: "He only wanted the games but the problem is he doesn't understand money.

"He thinks they cost very little or are free."

Archie's history of eBay fraud doesn't end there, either – he once tried to buy a car online, but was stopped by his parents at the last minute.

TechRadar wonders how long before Archie is hitching flights around the world disguised as a Nintendo executive, and forging Wii points cards in hotel bathrooms.